Anyone who has a pet knows that it is necessary to take special care.

Walking your dog daily is especially important. As well as contributing to its physical well being, it also prevents him from developing health problems such as obesity and depression.

But there are other health care tips which will make all the difference and ensure your pet’s health and well being.

5 Important health cares tips:

1 – Hygiene
All basic care should be routine:
Hair cut
Nail clipping
Oral hygiene

How often should you tend to your dog’s hygiene needs:

Bath: At least twice a month;

Hair cut: This can be done every 45 days. Depending on the breed of dog, it may be necessary to cut it more often;

Nail clipping: should be done once a week or at least twice a month;

Brushing: It’s very important to remove the dead hairs and to keep your pet’s coat soft and shiny. Dogs with a lot of hair should be brushed daily, dogs with less hair, twice a week;

Brushing teeth: To prevent your dog from developing mouth disease, it is advisable to brush his teeth daily get them brushed once a month at a pet shop or veterinarian.


2 – Regular visits to the veterinarian
To be sure that your dog is in good health, you must should schedule annual visits to the veterinarian. You should not wait until their pet shows signs of unusual behaviour or health problems to take them to the veterinarian.

When consulting the veterinarian, you should take the time to clarify any doubts and update the vaccines. If necessary, in addition to the physical evaluation, the veterinarian may request some routine exams. Moreover, the older the animal, the more often the visits to the veterinarian, going from once a year to twice a year.


4 – Identification

Regardless of the situation, your dog may run away – whether during a walk or because you left your door open. A leash and nameplate with all the necessary contact information is quite important to ensure that your pet can always be found if he goes missing. Ferplast, Learn More

3 – A quality diet
The ideal amount of food and times your dog should be fed will depend on the age, size and breed of your dog. Try to follow the guidelines contained in the dogfood package but also ask the veterinarian or the Mecovet assistant for guidelines on proper feeding.
When choosing dogfood, you should choose one which is cost effective, ie. besides taking price into account, it should be one which is nutritious and appealing to your dog’s taste buds. Royal Canin, know more.


5 – Play time with your pet
Devote some quality time daily to your pet in order to build a good relationship. Contact between you and your dog is very important for his welfare and as a result that he will feel happier and more content.

However time consuming this routine may be, not counting the time spent on your daily walks together, you should always set aside twenty minutes a day for play time with your dog.

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