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The Mecofarma website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your browser and allows it to retrieve information between web pages and browser sessions. Mecofarma uses a number of "same-site" cookies - generated and used by the Mecofarma site - and some “third party” cookies - generated on the Mecofarma website by third parties. Cookies help in understanding the user's behavior within the Mecofarma website, making browsing more enjoyable for the user.

Cookies store only text, which is always anonymous and usually encrypted. Mecofarma will never store any personal information in a cookie.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by the sites the user visits, storing data that can later be used on the site. The stored data allows the site to record the user’s browsing activity and also analyzes how the user interacts with the site.

Cookies are secure - they can only store information added by the user, which is the information that the user has indicated in the browser or that is included in the page requested. Cookies can not run the code and can not be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts the information in the cookie, only the site itself can read the information.

There are two different types of cookies: "session" and "persistent". Cookies are used for different purposes and contain different information.

Session cookies contain information that is used within the current session of the browser. These cookies are automatically deleted when the user closes the browser. No information is stored in the computer beyond the time the user leaves the site.

Persistent cookies are used to store information used between visits. This information allows websites to recognize that you are a former user and react accordingly. Persistent cookies have a lifespan set by the site, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

Why use cookies?

The cookies allow the site to record the user’s browsing activity within the site, transmitting valuable information that can improve the site and the products and services offered.

Mecofarma works together with partners who will write third-party cookies. These will be used by advertisers on other sites to provide appropriate and relevant advertising, based on the user's browsing history. These cookies do not store personal information, allowing other sites to identify you, and are only based on your browsing history.

Turning off and deleting cookies

All browsers allow you to limit the behavior of cookies or to turn off cookies in browser settings or options. The settings vary from browser to browser, and the user can find instructions in the "Help" menu of the browser itself.

Through the browser, the user can see the cookies that are in his computer and delete them - individually or eliminating them all at once.

Cookies are just text files, so the user can open them and read their contents. The data within cookies is often encrypted or corresponds to a numeric key corresponding to a web session, so they often do not make sense except to the site that wrote them.

Disabling cookies will affect the tracking of user progress through the site, but will not prevent the analytic visitation code.

Third Party Cookies

In some cases, the Mecofarma website also uses cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section details the third-party cookies you can find on this site.

The Mecofarma website uses Google Analytics, one of the most common and trusted analytical processing solutions on the Internet, that helps you understand how the site is used and how it can improve the user experience. These cookies can create a history, for example, how much time is spent on the site and the pages that have been accessed so that Mecofarma can continue to produce content of interest to the user.

For more information about Google Analytics cookies, check out the official Google Analytics page.

Mecofarma can also use social buttons and / or plugins on your site, which allow access to the social network in several ways. In order for these to work, social networking sites, namely Facebook and LinkedIn, use cookies through the Mecofarma website, which may be used to add information to the profile on the respective sites or contribute to the data collected for various purposes, as defined in the privacy policies of the respective sites.

More Information

Mecofarma believes that this information has been informative and, as previously stated, if there is no certainty on the part of the user whether or not it uses certain functionality, it is usually safer for the user to keep cookies enabled, in case they interact with some of the applications used on the

Mecofarma website. However, if further information is required, please email us at:

Coockie Policy Change

Mecofarma reserves the right to modify this Cookie Policy as required by law or regulation in accordance with applicable law.

Any significant changes to this policy will be properly communicated to our website users.

Since this Cookie Policy may be revised at any time, in accordance with the criteria described above, Mecofarma recommends its users to periodically review the Cookie Policies to be informed of the current Cookie Policy.

The modified Cookie Policy will be effective from the review date, and this date will be visible at the top of the page.

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